As love and romance are quite an essential part of everyone’s life, Love Island UK Season 7 has gained immense popularity among viewers. This season has brought in more drama, more love and above all, more entertainment. With so much attention on the show, let’s dive into everything you need to know about watching Love Island UK season 7.

When and Where to Watch Love Island UK Season 7?

Love Island UK is telecasted on the British television network, ITV2. The show releases at 9 PM every day except for Sundays. In addition to this, viewers can also stream the show on the ITV hub. However, the streaming service is only available for those located in the UK.

For international viewers, the show can be streamed on Hulu in the United States or the W Network in Canada. Alternatively, if your country does not have any streaming service, you can consider using a VPN to access the UK’s ITV hub.

Why is Love Island UK Season 7 Popular?

The popularity of the show can be attributed to the format of the show that exhibits a group of young, attractive singles living together in a luxurious villa in search of true love. With a cash prize worth £50,000, contestants compete in various games and challenges to find their perfect match.

The show is also popular for its dramatic twists and turns, including the addition of new contestants that can potentially affect the existing relationships. Furthermore, the public votes of evictions and the daily live updates hosted by radio presenter, Arielle Vandenberg, enhance the excitement and entertainment factor for the viewers.

Why Should You Watch Love Island UK Season 7?

Love Island UK Season 7 has captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide. It is the perfect blend of drama, romance, and entertainment. Each episode features a set of new challenges that add spontaneity and suspense to the show.

Moreover, watching Love Island UK can be quite a stress buster, especially if you want to relax after a long day. The show’s soothing background music, exotic and luxurious villa, and the beautiful contestants can make you forget all your worries and keep you entertained.


Love Island UK Season 7 is an excellent show that delivers hours of entertainment to its audience. With the perfect combination of drama, romance, and entertainment, viewers can experience the thrill and excitement of each episode. Therefore, if you’re looking for a show that can keep you hooked, Love Island UK Season 7 is the perfect choice. So grab your popcorn, tune in, and sit back to watch the show.

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