Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide, and a lot of people are interested in the competition between two of the best teams, UK and Louisville. This article will provide comprehensive information and analysis on the UK vs Louisville football, including the current rankings, records, and stats of the two teams, as well as their past performances, players to watch, and predictions for the upcoming game.

Current Rankings and Records:

UK and Louisville are both competitive football teams that have a strong fan following. The current ranking of UK is 11th, while Louisville rankings are 20th. Both teams have excellent records, with UK winning 2 and losing 0, while Louisville has won 1 game and lost 1.

Past Performances:

In their past games, both teams have put up impressive performances. UK had a fantastic win against Missouri with a score of 35-28 in the opening game of the season. They followed that up with another dominant performance against Chattanooga, winning 42-10. On the other hand, Louisville split their first two games, losing to Ole Miss in their opening game but bouncing back with a win over Eastern Kentucky.

Key Players to Watch:

One of the key players to watch during the game between UK and Louisville is UK’s QB Will Levis who has been phenomenal so far this season, throwing for 442 yards and 5 touchdowns in two games. He will need to maintain his form against Louisville’s defense, which has been impressive so far. On the other hand, Louisville’s QB, Malik Cunningham, has also been impressive, going 45/62 for 477 yards and 4 touchdowns in the two games he’s played in.


In terms of predictions, this game is expected to be a close one. Both teams are strong, and their records reflect that. However, UK has looked more dominant, and with Will Levis looking in great form, they are expected to come out on top. But, with the home advantage on their side, Louisville could spring a surprise.


The UK vs Louisville football fixture is an exciting one, and fans cannot wait to see these two teams go head to head. With their impressive rankings and records, key players to watch, and predictions pointing to a close game, this matchup promises to be a thrilling one. Stay tuned for more updates on one of the biggest games of the season.

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