As the reality show host, comedian, and motivational speaker Steve Harvey has been married three times – with his latest being Marjorie Bridges. But a quick search on the internet of ‘Steve Harvey divorce’ may provide a possible problem.

Steve Harvey has been vocal about his challenges in his past relationships but has always maintained that his current marriage with Marjorie is healthy and happy. Unfortunately, there are still rumors that are circulating that the couple is on the rocks and heading towards a divorce.

So, what is the truth? Is Steve Harvey splitting from his wife? Let’s take a closer look.

Despite rumors, there is no concrete evidence that suggests Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie are considering a divorce. There have been no official statements from either party or any news source that lives up to the standards of journalistic integrity.

In fact, Steve Harvey has been vocal about his admiration and love for his wife Marjorie. On his radio talk show, he often shares how their marriage is built on trust, shared values, and open communication. Steve Harvey has also spoken about how Marjorie has helped him rediscover his faith and find a new direction in life.

It’s important to remember that rumors and speculation are unavoidable when it comes to public figures, especially those with a high level of celebrity status. However, it’s important to verify all sources and make sure the information you are reading is credible and factual.

In conclusion, Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie are not heading towards a divorce. These rumors are simply baseless, and we should take official news sources or statements from the couple themselves at face value. For now, we can rest assured that Steve Harvey and Marjorie are enjoying their marriage and are not considering a divorce.

In summary, it’s essential to take all news with a pinch of salt and always dig deeper to uncover the truth – even when it comes to the lives of celebrities. Steve and Marjorie Harvey are still happily married to this day, and we hope that their love continues to flourish.

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