Sex Games on Roblox 2018 Names: A Comprehensive List of the Hottest Titles

Roblox is a popular gaming platform that boasts of millions of users worldwide, and it’s no surprise that players are pushing the boundaries by exploring sexual content. Although the platform doesn’t allow explicit sexual content, there are still a decent number of sexual games on Roblox. If you’re looking to jump into this adult world, here is a comprehensive list of the hottest sex games on Roblox in 2018 with the most exciting and creative names:

1. BDSM Tycoon

For players interested in the BDSM lifestyle, BDSM Tycoon offers a unique playing experience. This game lets you explore the world of dominance and submission as you build a BDSM empire from scratch.

2. 2 Player Sex Island

2 Player Sex Island is a popular game that allows couples to indulge in steamy sex acts on a deserted island. The game has a unique concept that offers plenty of opportunities to explore your fantasies.

3. Strip Down

Strip Down is a popular game played by thousands of Roblox users looking for some adult fun. The objective of the game is to undress your partner by answering quiz questions correctly. The game offers a wide variety of categories, making it challenging and engaging.

4. Naughty Elevator

Naughty Elevator is a simulation game that offers players the chance to indulge in erotic acts in an elevator. The game’s popularity lies in its realistic graphics, which make it one of the most immersive adult games on Roblox.

5. The Boobify Quest

The Boobify Quest is a unique twist on a classic adventure game. Players assume the role of a wizard tasked with finding the ‘boobify’ gem, which transforms boring NPCs into busty women. This creative game is a must-play for anyone who loves adventure and sexual content.

6. Nympho Island

Nympho Island is an adult-themed game that offers players the chance to explore a tropical paradise filled with sexy characters. The game is all about taking risks and meeting new people as you try to quench your carnal desires.

7. Sex City 2

Sex City 2 is a mature-themed game that allows players to explore an open world filled with sexual opportunities. The game features some of the most memorable characters and locations ever seen on a Roblox game.

8. 3D Avatar Sex

3D Avatar Sex is one of Roblox’s most popular sex games, boasting of millions of users worldwide. The game allows players to create and customize their avatars before engaging in hot sex scenes with other players.


Roblox might not be the perfect platform for sexual games, but these titles offer players an exciting way to explore their fantasies. The games mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, but they offer a diverse range of experiences that anyone can get into. As always, it’s essential to remember that these are adult games and strictly for players over 18 years of age. So, dive in and explore the exciting world of sex games on Roblox today!

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