Rolling Ray Divorce Court: Why Did He Go to Court?

Rolling Ray is one of the most popular social media stars in America, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Ray, whose real name is Ray Cunningham, rose to fame by posting funny videos and memes on his social media accounts. However, his life recently took a tragic turn when he appeared on the TV show ‘Divorce Court.’

The reason Ray appeared on the show was that he wanted to divorce his fiancé Yung Joc. The couple had been together for a few years, and they had gained a considerable following on social media. They were known for their funny videos together, but their relationship had turned sour in recent times.

On ‘Divorce Court,’ Ray accused Yung Joc of cheating on him with multiple women. He claimed that Yung Joc had been unfaithful throughout their relationship, and he could no longer trust him. Ray also revealed that he had tried to break up with Yung Joc several times in the past, but they always managed to reconcile.

However, Yung Joc disputed Ray’s allegations and claimed that he had never cheated on him. He also accused Ray of being overly possessive and jealous, which had caused problems in their relationship. Yung Joc said that he still loved Ray and wanted to work things out, but Ray was determined to end the relationship.

After hearing both sides of the argument, the judge on ‘Divorce Court’ ruled in favor of Ray. The judge stated that Yung Joc had not provided enough evidence to prove his innocence, and Ray had provided sufficient evidence to show that Yung Joc had been unfaithful.

The ruling on ‘Divorce Court’ was a big blow to the social media star, who had invested a lot of time and effort in his relationship with Yung Joc. Ray also faced backlash and criticism from some of his fans, who felt that he should not have aired his dirty laundry on national TV.

In conclusion, the Rolling Ray Divorce Court episode was a dramatic example of how social media personalities can have relationship troubles just like everyone else. While the TV show may have provided some closure for Ray, it is clear that the fallout from the episode will take some time to heal.

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