Roblox Error Code 277: How to Fix it and Get Back to Gaming?

If you are an avid gamer on Roblox, you might have encountered an error code 277 while playing. This error code can be frustrating as it can disrupt your gameplay and prevent you from playing with your friends. So, what is Roblox error code 277, and how can you fix it? Let’s find out.

What is Roblox Error Code 277?

Roblox error code 277 is a network connection error that occurs when the game is unable to connect to the server. It can happen due to several reasons, such as a poor internet connection, server issues, outdated Roblox version, or antivirus software blocking the game.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277?

If you are facing Roblox error code 277, don’t worry, as it can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Check your Internet Connection

First, make sure that your internet connection is stable and fast enough to support online gaming. Check if your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is working correctly and try resetting your router/modem if necessary.

Step 2: Restart Roblox and Your Device

Sometimes, Roblox error code 277 can occur due to a temporary glitch in the game. In such cases, you can try closing the game, restarting your device, and then launching the game again to see if the issue is resolved.

Step 3: Update Roblox

If your Roblox version is outdated, it can cause errors and connectivity issues. Check for any available updates for Roblox and install them to ensure that you have the latest version.

Step 4: Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus software can sometimes block certain programs, including Roblox, which can cause connectivity issues. Try disabling your antivirus program temporarily and see if it fixes the error.

Step 5: Wait for the Server Maintenance to Finish

If Roblox error code 277 occurs during server maintenance, there is nothing much you can do except wait for the maintenance to finish. Check the Roblox status page to see if the servers are down for maintenance.


Roblox error code 277 can be frustrating, but it can be fixed with the simple troubleshooting steps mentioned above. If none of the above solutions work, you can contact Roblox support for further assistance. So, don’t let the error code 277 ruin your gaming experience and get back to playing your favorite games on Roblox.

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