Raymond Santana Jr Divorce: Everything You Need to Know

The name Raymond Santana Jr is no strange name in America’s justice system. He rose to fame as a result of his wrongful conviction for rape and assault in the notorious Central Park Jogger case in 1989. Raymond spent more than a decade incarcerated before his conviction was overturned.

Fast forward to the present day, Raymond is a free man, an advocate for social justice, and a father. Fans of the Central Park Five documentary are familiar with his story, but what about his personal life? Is Raymond Santana Jr married? Did he go through a divorce? In this article, we will take a deep dive into Raymond Santana Jr’s divorce.

Raymond Santana Jr Marriage

Raymond Santana Jr was previously married to a woman named Dascha Polanco. Dascha is also popularly known for her role as Dayanara Diaz in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black.” Raymond and Dascha made their relationship public in 2017 and got engaged later that year.

The couple had a private wedding ceremony in 2018, which was attended by family and friends. They were rumoured to have been having problems in their marriage, but neither party confirmed the allegations. Unfortunately, it seemed the rumours about their relationship issues were true when news about their divorce hit the media.

Raymond Santana Jr Divorce

The couple’s relationship issues became public knowledge when Dascha was spotted without her wedding ring. Fans of the couple waited for a statement regarding the matter, but it never came. However, in 2021, Dascha confirmed the couple’s divorce in an interview with “The View.”

During the interview, Dascha revealed that the reason for their divorce was Raymond’s involvement in advocacy projects that kept him away from home for extended periods. She said, “When you’re married, there’s a certain type of expectation, and I felt like I wanted more. I wanted him to be present. I understand that he’s working towards social justice, and I admire all those qualities in him, but I felt like there were other things that were becoming more important than us.”


Raymond Santana Jr is no stranger to public scrutiny, and his marriage and divorce were no different. His former wife, Dascha Polanco, confirmed their divorce in a recent interview, citing Raymond’s involvement in social justice projects as the reason for their separation.

Their marriage might have ended, but Raymond continues to advocate for social justice, and his story serves as an inspiration for many.

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