NVIDIA 100M: The Latest High-Performance Graphic Card in the UK Market

If you are an avid gamer or a professional in the visual media industry, then you know the importance of having an excellent graphic card to enhance your computer’s performance. NVIDIA Corporation understands this, and they are constantly innovating to provide users with the latest and most advanced graphic card solutions. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the NVIDIA 100M – the latest high-performance graphic card that has arrived in the UK market.

Introduction to NVIDIA 100M

The NVIDIA 100M graphic card is the company’s latest offering in their GTX line of high-performance graphic cards. The 100M is built on the Turing architecture, which is renowned for its superior performance, and it is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding gaming and professional workloads.

It is powered by 3584 CUDA cores and a base clock of 1530 MHz, which can boost up to 1770 MHz in gaming mode. The graphic card has a 256-bit memory interface and 8GB of GDDR6 memory, making it highly suitable for graphics-intensive applications.

Features and Benefits

The NVIDIA 100M graphic card comes with several features that make it one of the best options for high-performance graphic cards in the UK market. Here are some of the benefits that the 100M provides:

1. Real-Time Ray Tracing: With the 100M, you can enjoy real-time ray tracing technology, which can enhance the quality of graphics in games and professional 3D rendering workloads.

2. NVIDIA DLSS: The card also features an AI rendering system known as NVIDIA DLSS, which can improve the resolution and image quality of your games while maintaining high frame rates.

3. Advanced Cooling: The 100M features a new thermal design that uses a dual-fan system with a low-profile heatsink, making it highly efficient in heat dissipation.

4. RGB Lighting: The graphic card comes with RGB lighting that allows you to customize the lighting effects to suit your preferences.

Performance and Compatibility

The NVIDIA 100M is a highly efficient graphic card that delivers excellent performance and is compatible with a wide range of computer configurations. It supports PCI Express 4.0, DirectX 12 Ultimate, and Vulkan 1.2, making it highly suitable for the latest games and professional 3D rendering applications.


Overall, the NVIDIA 100M is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance graphic card in the UK market. It is packed with advanced features, has excellent cooling capabilities, and delivers superior performance. With the 100M, you can enjoy realistic gaming experiences and take your professional 3D rendering workloads to the next level. So, if you are looking to upgrade your computer’s graphic card, the NVIDIA 100M is one option that you should definitely consider.

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