How to Manage Storage on iPhone 5c: Tips and Tricks

One of the common issues that iPhone 5c users face is running out of storage. The 5c model offers 8GB and 16GB internal storage options, which can quickly fill up with photos, videos, and apps. With limited storage, you may experience performance issues such as app crashes, slow operation, and difficulty in downloading new apps or updates. However, there are ways to manage storage on your iPhone 5c and optimize your device for smooth and efficient use.

Delete Unnecessary Apps and Data

The first step to manage storage on your iPhone 5c is to clean up your device and remove unwanted apps and data. Go to Settings > General > Usage to see a list of your apps and their storage usage. If you see an app that you rarely use or is taking up too much space, tap on it, and select Delete App. You can also delete old photos, videos, and messages that you no longer need by using the Photos or Messages app.

Offload Unused Apps

Another way to save storage on your iPhone 5c is to offload unused apps. When you offload an app, it removes the app from your device while keeping the app’s data intact. This means that you can reinstall the app later and resume from where you left off. To offload an app, go to Settings > General > Storage, and select Offload Unused Apps. This will help you free up storage without losing any data.

Use iCloud Storage

If you have limited internal storage on your iPhone 5c, consider using iCloud storage to store your photos, videos, and other data. iCloud provides 5GB of free storage and offers monthly subscription plans for additional storage. To use iCloud storage, go to Settings > iCloud > Photos, and select Optimize iPhone Storage. This will enable your device to automatically store your full-resolution photos and videos in iCloud and keep optimized versions on your device.

Clear Safari Cache and Cookies

Safari browsing cache and cookies can also take up storage on your device over time. Clearing them regularly can help you save storage and improve browsing speed. To clear Safari cache and cookies, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.


Managing storage on your iPhone 5c is crucial to ensure efficient performance and regular use. Use the tips and tricks listed above to save storage, optimize your device, and avoid performance issues. By regularly cleaning up your device, offloading unused apps, using iCloud storage, and clearing Safari cache, you can make the most of your iPhone 5c and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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