Staff augmentation is a process of hiring additional employees for a particular project. This process helps in managing workloads and ensuring that the project runs smoothly. As a manager, it is important to know how to manage staff augmentation to ensure that you get the best of the additional employees working for you.

Here are some tips on how to manage staff augmentation successfully.

1) Define project goals

Before hiring additional staff, it is important to have a clear understanding of the project goals. This will ensure that the additional staff hired has a clear understanding of what is expected of them, to avoid confusion and redundancy in the project. Ensure that the project goals are communicated to every staff member clearly for smoother execution of the project.

2) Conduct interviews rigorously

When hiring additional staff, it is recommended to conduct interviews thoroughly to ensure that you hire the best candidates. Verify their qualifications and experience to ensure that they can deliver what the project demands. Choose individuals that fit the specific requirements of the project, and make sure they have the right skill set needed to ensure a successful outcome.

3) Set clear boundaries

It is essential to set clear boundaries and guidelines for the additional staff to avoid confusion and potential conflicts. Communication is crucial, so it is important to explain, in clear terms, the goals, expectations, and the scope of their work.

4) Monitor progress

Even with strong communication, it is crucial to monitor the progress of the assigned tasks. Monitoring will help ensure that the task is being handled effectively and will influence adjustments needed for best results. Make sure to communicate your feedback on the work completed, and outline next steps.

5) Positive feedback

Receiving feedback is vital as it helps boost performance and encourage productivity. It is vital to provide regular feedback, focusing on areas of success or areas that need improvement. Encouraging positive feedback will motivate the staff to continue working to the best of their abilities, contributing positively to the project’s outcome.


Managing staff augmentation is a challenging task. Effective communication, set goals, clear boundaries, and feedback are essential for successful project execution. By taking proper actions, you will achieve your goals, reduce workload, and improve workplace performance.

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