As more and more businesses and individuals rely on video conferencing platforms, Zoom has undeniably become a popular choice for its ease of use and host of features, including breakout rooms. However, managing breakout rooms can be a challenge for many, especially those new to the platform. In this article, we’ll explore how to manage breakout rooms in Zoom, enabling you to get maximum value out of this feature.

First, what are breakout rooms, and why use them? Breakout rooms are sub-meetings that enable events and meetings to be run with smaller groups. They enable people to collaborate and work together in a smaller setting, facilitating more intimate conversations and deeper learning. This feature is particularly useful for events such as lectures, webinars, or team-building exercises.

Now, let’s discuss the steps needed to manage breakout rooms in Zoom. Follow these easy steps to create and manage breakout rooms:

Step 1: Access Breakout Rooms

Access your Zoom account and click on the ‘Breakout Rooms’ icon. Select the number of rooms you require and assign the participants to each room.

Step 2: Manage Breakout Rooms

When participants have been assigned to their respective breakout rooms, you, as the host, will have the option to visit individual rooms, broadcast messages to all of you, and move users from one room to another.

Step 3: Set a Timer

Once you’re ready to start the breakout rooms, you can set a timer for how long the breakout sessions should last. This can be helpful to keep everyone on track with the schedule.

Step 4: Return to Main Room

As soon as the breakout session ends and the timer goes off, all participants will be automatically returned to the main room, allowing the host to bring everyone back together.

Using this feature is an excellent way to manage discussions and help teams collaborate better, but there are some other tips to ensure that Zoom breakout rooms work to their fullest. Make sure participants are aware of the road-map of the event and breaks. It’s also essential to review and prepare material beforehand, so anyone joining in on the collaboration sticks to a clear plan.

In conclusion, breakout rooms are an excellent way to facilitate more intimate discussions among teams and groups. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be able to manage breakout rooms in Zoom like a pro, providing a more personalized experience for all participants. With a little practice and patience, breakout rooms can be an integral part of your next virtual event.

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