For those who love playing Roblox games, they must have come across the term “Headless Head.” Getting a headless head is a dream come true for every Roblox game player. It is challenging and requires consistent practice to get the headless head in Roblox. In this article, we will discuss the step by step process on how to get the headless head in Roblox.

1. Buy the Headless Head:

The easiest way to get the headless head is to purchase it from the Roblox catalog. The headless head costs around 25,000 Robux, which is approximately $300. This might seem like a considerable investment, but it is the fastest and easiest way to obtain it. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle of trying to get it through the game’s random drop system.

2. Play the Headless Horseman Game:

The Headless Horseman game in Roblox has been specifically designed to increase your chances of getting the headless head. This game is available during the Halloween event and requires players to collect pumpkins and defeat the Headless Horseman. If you manage to defeat the Headless Horseman, you will receive a gift that includes the headless head.

3. Purchase Mystery Boxes:

Roblox occasionally releases Mystery Boxes that give players a chance to win rare and exclusive items, including the headless head. To increase your chances of winning, you can purchase multiple Mystery Boxes. The headless head is one of the rarest items that you can win through these boxes, but the investment is worth it.

4. Trade with Other Players:

If you have items that others are looking for, it’s best to trade with other players. Trading can increase your chances of getting the headless head without spending any cash. Find players willing to trade items, and you can have a chance of exchanging your items for the headless head.


Getting the headless head in Roblox is a feat that every player wants to achieve. The steps outlined above can help in increasing the chances of getting it. Remember that buying the headless head is the easiest way, but players who are willing to put in the effort and have some luck on their side can attain it without spending money. With consistency and persistence, you can achieve the headless head in Roblox, and you’ll have an edge over other players.

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