Facebook: The Social Media Giant’s Influence on Politics Across the Globe

Facebook is a social media giant that is known to have more than 2.7 billion active users around the world. The platform has become a key source of communication, entertainment, and news for people across countries, including Russia, the UK, and the rest of the planet. As one of the most influential social media networks, Facebook has not only impacted how people communicate but also the way politics is conducted across the globe. This article examines Facebook’s impact on politics, especially in Russia, the UK, and across the planet.

Facebook’s impact on Politics in Russia

Russia is one country that has been affected by the influence of Facebook on politics. Facebook’s rise in influence was marked by the 2012 presidential elections in Russia. Social media was used extensively during the election cycle for political propaganda, and Facebook played an important role in the process. Political parties used the platform to spread propaganda, analyze election results, and engage with voters.

One example of Facebook’s impact on Russian politics was when it was used to mobilize citizens for the Russian Protests of 2011-2012. Facebook was a central platform where activists and opposition figures could organize and communicate. The platform allowed protesters to coordinate and gather information without the fear of government surveillance.

Facebook’s influence on Politics in the UK

Facebook’s influence in the UK has been most significant in recent years during two major political events, the Brexit vote and the General Election. Facebook was used extensively during both of these political events, with political parties using the platform to influence voters. During the Brexit referendum campaign, political parties used Facebook to target specific voter groups. Ads were used to target both leave and remain voters to sway behavior and build affinity among them.

Facebook was also used for political ads during the 2019 General Election in the UK. Political parties broadcasted different ads with different messages on their Facebook accounts. The messaging ranged from healthcare to international relations.

Facebook’s impact on politics across the planet

Facebook’s influence on politics across the planet is undeniable. The platform has been used to manipulate elections from the Philippines to the United States. It has been used to spread rumors of fake news, propaganda, and to identify and mobilize voters. As one of the most popular social media platforms across the world, Facebook has caused global criticism, as its use in politics has grown.

The platform played a crucial role in influencing the 2016 US Presidential elections, where Russian operatives created fake accounts, which were then used to influence US voters. These accounts were used to mobilize voters on both sides of the political aisle to support their preferred candidates. The US Congress is constantly scrutinizing Facebook for having a significant impact on politics, and the platform has made changes to its ad policies as a result.


In conclusion, Facebook’s influence on politics is felt worldwide. The platform has been used to spread propaganda, mobilize voters, and sway the world’s opinions. From Russia to the UK, the platform has become a key source of information for politics. However, Facebook has come under criticism in recent years, and political analysts believe that the platform must do better to combat the growing use of fake news and campaigns. Nevertheless, Facebook remains a central figure in global politics, and it’s clear that it will continue to shape how we interact with politics in the years to come.

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