Drag Race UK vs The World: The Ultimate Comparison

Drag Race UK may be a new addition to the Drag Race franchise, but it has already captured audiences across the world. But can it hold a candle to the original Drag Race series? In this article, we compare and contrast the two franchises to determine which one reigns supreme.

Location and Culture

The original Drag Race series takes place in the United States, specifically Los Angeles and New York City. The show has a distinct American culture which is reflected in the challenges, themes, and contestants’ personalities. In contrast, Drag Race UK is set in London, England. The show embraces British culture and provides a unique experience for viewers. The show often incorporates British humor and pop culture references, making it more accessible to a British audience.

Contestants and Challenges

The original Drag Race series has had many successful queens such as Bianca Del Rio, Sharon Needles, and Sasha Velour. Drag Race UK, on the other hand, has queens such as the Vivienne, Baga Chipz, and Lawrence Chaney. Both series have their share of talented queens, but the challenges in Drag Race UK are more geared towards British culture. For example, in season 2, episode 4, the queens were challenged to create a runway look inspired by British politics.

Production Design

The original Drag Race series has always been known for its grand production design, with elaborate stages and sets. Drag Race UK has followed this tradition, with tweaks to the set design that embrace British culture. For example, the Workroom is designed to look like a British pub, complete with a dart board and beer taps.


In conclusion, both Drag Race series offer a unique experience to viewers. The original Drag Race series is deeply ingrained in American culture, whereas Drag Race UK is a fresh take on drag culture with a distinct British flavor. Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to decide which franchise they prefer, but one thing is for sure: both Drag Race and Drag Race UK are iconic shows that have taken drag culture to the mainstream.

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