Discount Double Check Guy: A Quirky Insurance Mascot that Became a Pop Culture Icon

If you are a fan of American football or keep up with the latest marketing and branding trends, you might have come across the Discount Double Check Guy. This quirky character is not just an insurance agent or a football player; he is an advertising mascot for State Farm Insurance, one of the biggest players in the US insurance industry. In this article, we will explore the origins of the Discount Double Check Guy, his role in State Farm’s marketing campaigns, and how he became a pop culture icon.

Who is the Discount Double Check Guy?

The Discount Double Check Guy is a fictional character created by State Farm Insurance. His name was inspired by a common phrase used in American football, where a referee uses two hand signals to indicate a successful completion of a play (a first down or touchdown). The double hand signal looks like a discount symbol ($), hence the term “discount double check.” The mascot debuted in a State Farm commercial in 2011, where he helps a customer save money on a car insurance policy by ensuring that all the discounts are applied correctly.

In the commercial, the Discount Double Check Guy is portrayed as a cheerful and quirky agent who goes the extra mile to help his customers. He wears a red blazer, a white dress shirt, and khaki pants, and has a distinctive way of doing the double check hand signal, accompanied by his catchphrase, “It’s just a little bit of a shake, and bake!”

How did the Discount Double Check Guy become popular?

State Farm Insurance’s marketing team recognized the potential of the Discount Double Check Guy as a memorable and likable character that could resonate with consumers. They continued featuring him in their commercials, social media campaigns, and other promotional efforts.

The Discount Double Check Guy’s popularity surged when he appeared in a series of TV ads featuring NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, who plays for the Green Bay Packers, used the Discount Double Check Guy’s catchphrase as a touchdown dance celebration, which soon became a viral sensation. Fans started imitating the dance, and even other NFL players joined in, cementing the Discount Double Check Guy’s status as a pop culture icon.

State Farm also launched a website, “Discount Double Check Central,” which allows customers to request a policy review to ensure that they are getting all the discounts they are eligible for. The website features the Discount Double Check Guy as a guide, and has interactive tools, videos, and other resources to educate customers on insurance savings.

Is the Discount Double Check Guy still relevant today?

While some critics argue that the Discount Double Check Guy has become overused and gimmicky, others see him as a successful branding strategy that combines humor, simplicity, and practicality. The character has evolved beyond just a catchphrase or a dance move; he represents a commitment to providing good customer service and helping people save money on insurance. In fact, State Farm still features the Discount Double Check Guy in their advertising campaigns, using him as a recurring figure in their branding efforts.

In conclusion, the Discount Double Check Guy is a prime example of how a mascot can elevate a brand’s image and appeal. His quirky persona, memorable catchphrase, and association with football and savings have made him a recognizable and beloved icon. Whether you are a State Farm customer or not, you cannot deny that the Discount Double Check Guy has left a lasting impression on American advertising culture.

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