Chevy 6.6 Gas Specs: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to pickup trucks, the Chevy brand is always at the forefront of any conversation. Their trucks are durable, reliable, and pack a mean punch under the hood. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a powerful engine, then the Chevy 6.6 gas specs are certainly something to take note of.

Let’s dive into the details.

Overview of the 6.6 Gas Engine

The Chevy 6.6 gas engine is a V8 that can produce up to 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque. It’s a naturally aspirated engine, meaning it doesn’t employ any forced induction like a turbocharger or supercharger.

The engine is also designed with an aluminum block and head, which helps keep the engine lighter without sacrificing durability. Moreover, it has high-mounted camshafts, which makes it easier to work on should you need to make any repairs.

Chevy 6.6 Gas Specs

To get a clearer picture of what the Chevy 6.6 gas engine is capable of, here are the specs at a glance:

– Engine Type: V8
– Fuel Type: Gasoline
– Displacement: 401 cubic inches (6.6 L)
– Bore and Stroke: 4.06 x 3.86 inches
– Compression Ratio: 10.8:1
– Horsepower: 401 hp at 5200 rpm
– Torque: 464 lb-ft at 4000 rpm
– Valvetrain: OHV
– Fuel Delivery: Direct fuel injection
– Transmission: 6-speed automatic
– Max Towing Capacity: 17,400 pounds

Power and Performance

In terms of power and performance, the Chevy 6.6 gas engine is nothing short of impressive. Its 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque make it a go-to choice for those who need a reliable and capable engine under the hood of their pickup truck.

Moreover, its direct fuel injection helps improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance, making it a win-win situation all around.

Towing and Hauling

With a maximum towing capacity of 17,400 pounds, the Chevy 6.6 gas engine is perfect for those who need to tow heavy items like boats, trailers, or RVs. Moreover, its payload capacity is equally as impressive, with a maximum payload of 7,442 pounds.

Fuel Efficiency

For a V8 engine, the Chevy 6.6 gas engine is surprisingly fuel-efficient. It has an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 16 mpg combined (14 city/18 highway), which is pretty impressive given its size and capabilities.


The Chevy 6.6 gas specs speak for themselves. It’s a powerful, capable engine that can handle just about anything you throw at it, whether it’s towing, hauling, or just daily driving. Moreover, it’s fuel-efficient, which is always a plus. If you’re in the market for a pickup truck and want an engine that won’t disappoint, consider the Chevy 6.6 gas engine.

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