If you’re an animal lover, you must have heard about Arm the Animals. This unique brand provides animal lovers with creatively designed tees and accessories which not only make a fashion statement but also supports the animal welfare movement.

Now, if you’re on this page, I’m sure you’re looking for an Arm the Animals discount code. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what Arm the Animals is all about and how you can save some bucks while supporting the cause.

What is Arm the Animals?

Arm the Animals (ATA) is a merchandise brand that focuses on animal lovers who want to make a difference. They design unique and creative tees, tanks, hoodies, hats, and accessories that pet owners and animal supporters can wear with pride.

The brand believes in raising awareness and funds for animal welfare and rescue groups through their custom-designed products. Moreover, through every purchase, a portion of the profit goes to help animals in need.

Why Choose Arm the Animals?

ATA should be your go-to choice for animal merchandise because of its unique and creative designs. They use eco-friendly materials for their products that are super comfortable and long-lasting. The brand has partnered with many animal welfare organizations and raised over $600,000 for animal rescue operations.

Moreover, the ATA clothing line is not only designed for pet owners but also for animal shelters, rescue groups, and organizations that support animal welfare. So, by buying their merchandise, you’re not only supporting the cause but also spreading awareness.

Arm the Animals Discount Code

Now, coming to the exciting part, we know you’re here for the discount code. At ATA, they frequently offer discounts on their merchandise for new and loyal customers. By using the “LOYAL15” coupon code, you can get a flat 15% discount on your purchase.

But, you can also find many ATA discount codes on the internet if needed. Some of the other ongoing discounts include the “ARMED10” code, which can get you a 10% discount on your cart value. Additionally, the brand offers free shipping on all orders over $75 in the US.


Arm the Animals is a unique brand that not only provides pet lovers with beautiful and creative designs but also supports the animal welfare cause. So, don’t miss out on a chance of spreading awareness and also save some bucks with the above-discussed ATA discount codes. Happy shopping!

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