science and power of the mind

Lectures on Life and Health

RICHMOND L. BISHOP at the School of Natural Science
Boston, Massachusetts, 1913-1914


Matter and mind have long been studied by the most gifted and intellectual scientists.

The formation and structure of matter, its principles and laws are so thoroughly and intelligently explained and systematized it has not seemed necessary to refer to any branch of physical science.

The science of matter has been subdivided into geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, chemistry, astronomy, but in reality no unity or harmony or cause has been recognized or determined upon.

Outwardly much has been learned as to physical phenomena but as to its living principles the scientist is silent. He must never stray away from what he terms a fact—meaning a fact visible to the physical eye, or demonstrable through experiment.

The mental scientist has observed the mind in its various phases and expression and generally reasons about "effects" and is obscure as to cause.

The Science and Power of the Mind lectures explain the teachings of Natural Science as it relates to the life of man and the mental constitution. In physical or mental forms we believe that the same animating spirit is the cause of all life.

Spirit is the life principle throughout the universe.

We do not separate spirit and matter. It is indivisible,

Spirit and Matter are one, interblended, united, changing form according to the relationships in matter (chemical affinities) varying in form according to the degree of development, this is the governing principle, from the lowest atom to the highest intelligence, in this sphere, and in the unseen.

We have endeavored to show that man is governed by these same Deific principles and his relationship to all life is according to his knowledge of these unerring laws.

Richmond L. Bishop,
Teacher and Practitioner of Natural Science, Boston, Mass., June 30, 1914